Photography can be defined in many ways-- meaning different things to different people. For me, photography is an eye on the world.

It serves as a window into the visual universe of the photographer. The camera lens allows you, the viewer, to see through the "eye" of the photographer, and thus share his or her unique perceptions and interpretations of the world around him.

The camera has been my artistic companion for over 40 years. In my travels and through my empathy for the human condition, I have used it to capture the remarkable beauty of our world, the experiences of the people who populate it, and the singular interactions between them.

Along the way, my interests and activities in psychology, eastern philosophy and meditation, martial arts, physical fitness, public speaking, music, writing, and publishing, have influenced what it is I see through the lens.

Please share with me some of the places, people, and situations that have caught my eye and excited my senses. I simply hope that by viewing these photographs, you experience a few moments of pleasure.

Thank you.

Paul Rappoport